Rain in Chennai

Heavy rain hits chennai last week diturbs people normal life. Not only in chennai whole Tamil nadu affected by rain named Nisha.. Still now most of the bridges filled with rain water. Lot of Diches opened. Some lakes are broken in chennai. Here is some stills taken last week

EMRI's emergency ambulance service launched in Chennai

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi launched the Emergency Management and Research Institute's (EMRI) 108 emergency ambulance service in the state here on Monday.

According to the MoU signed between Tamil Nadu Government and EMRI, initially 198 ambulances would be provided by the state government at the cost of Rs 17.82 crore to EMRI.

EMRI in turn would provide required personnel for manning the emergency response centre and the ambulances.

The ambulances would be equipped with emergency equipment ranging from defibrillators to ventilators, to handle almost any emergency situation.

Apart from this, the ambulances would also be equipped with GIS and GPS systems, which would help locate the geographical position of emergency scene and help the nearest ambulance reach the site in the shortest possible time.

The 108 emergency service is free of cost and the 108 was a toll free number, which can be accessed from any landline or mobile phone without any prefix or suffix.

The emergency response centre physicians and the emergency medical technicians in the ambulance would provide free pre-hospital care while transporting the victim in the ambulance to the nearest hospital of his choice.

At present, EMRI would operate from the Kasturba Gandhi Hospital for women and children in the city.

Courtesy: The Hindu

Auto charges will be Rs 6/- only per KM and no additional charges

A customer will be sharing the auto with 1 or 2 people

The benefit of this scheme will be the customer need not pay the Call Centre Charge.

This will be very useful for office goers.

What is Money Inflation?

Recently I am hearing about money inflation. I dont know what it is. How they calculating these? Do you have any idea?

Work on Adyar Park

The work was said to have commenced in 1993 but got delayed owing to a case filed by Consumer Action Group (CAG) in Madras High Court.

The High Court enforced a ban on this project on 9 March 1994. The State government filled a petition on 25 June 2007 that this project is aimed at protecting the environment and nod was given by the court to start working on this project.

On 2 January, this year, the High Court gave a verdict that a group should be formed.

A group of of environmental specialists and government officials was formed to look after this project.

The project would be completed by December 2010. The park, spread over 58 acres, was being built by Pitchandikulam Forest Consultants, an organisation in Auroville near Puducherry that’s involved in eco-restoration projects.

The cost for the first phase of the project was Rs 19.7 crore. The second phase would cover the remaining 300 acres of the park.

The total cost of the project was Rs 100 crore. Events in regard with environmental education would be held at the park.

Why huge Auto fare hits on public

The auto fare is very high in Chennai city and nearby outer areas. Why this high fare charged among the public? when compare to Karnataka and Kerala, we people paying more for auto.

Why our Government not controlling this high fare?

Government should take steps to formulate the auto fare by regularize the "Auto meter" rule. Surely it become a gift for TN people especially in Chennai. When they regularize the lakhs and lakhs of general public to follow the safety Helmet rule, this is not a big issue to take under control the some thousands of autos. The big question behind this WHY THEY ARE NOT DOING?.

Also the Share auto's also charging more even for a short distance and dumping the people like baggages due to bus fare hike and huge crowd, our people have to compromise with those auto walas. So DONT PAY MORE AND FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS.

The reason for the hike may directly/indirectly benefitable to Politicians, Police officers and other traffic officials. You can update your views and opinions in my blog..

Deluxe buses running more..

In peak hours delux buses are running more. It forces the middle class people to pay extra to travel. Government now introducing new deluxe buses only. Instead if introduce lot of white board buses and vestible buses, then it may reduce rush in peak hours.

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