Why huge Auto fare hits on public

The auto fare is very high in Chennai city and nearby outer areas. Why this high fare charged among the public? when compare to Karnataka and Kerala, we people paying more for auto.

Why our Government not controlling this high fare?

Government should take steps to formulate the auto fare by regularize the "Auto meter" rule. Surely it become a gift for TN people especially in Chennai. When they regularize the lakhs and lakhs of general public to follow the safety Helmet rule, this is not a big issue to take under control the some thousands of autos. The big question behind this WHY THEY ARE NOT DOING?.

Also the Share auto's also charging more even for a short distance and dumping the people like baggages due to bus fare hike and huge crowd, our people have to compromise with those auto walas. So DONT PAY MORE AND FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS.

The reason for the hike may directly/indirectly benefitable to Politicians, Police officers and other traffic officials. You can update your views and opinions in my blog..


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