50 Paise demand in Chennai

Now a days most of the passengers in MTC buses losing their money for the demand of 50 paise. Most of the ticket denominations are Rs. 3.50, Rs.4.50 and Rs.5.50 like that. Conductors also in shortage of 50 paise, but they simply collect 50 paise extra from the passengers and if anyone ask the due back, they simply telling no change. It seems it is happening in most of the bus routes.

Almost half of the crowd paying 50 paise extra per ticket. The only solution for this is to Government should issue more 50 paise coins to public usage or the ticket denominations should change or rounded off. So that all the passengers relax from paying extra.


Joseph said...

Yes. Now a days they are getting min Rs.5-10 extra money per trip without work.

And another one big problem is the deluxe bus. In that many peoples are facing problem to sit properly, because the gap between the seats is very less. But they are unnecessarily paying extra money without any basic convienient..

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